How we work

How we work

our ethos Everybody counts

Our focus is you

Clients cherish our relationship, not just because of our range of services.  They also appreciate the way we work. They see us, not so much as accountants to meet with once a year to ‘go over’ the accounts. For our clients, they value the feeling of friendship.

Like any good friends, of course, we won’t just say ‘well done’ when everything is rosy. We’ll also be at your side with friendly, knowledgeable advice when things are not going so well.

How it all begins

Imagine you become a Gardner Webb client. That’s when the hard work starts. Hard but enjoyable. It’s all about getting to know you and your business. We find out about your successes and your challenges. We pour over your accounts and reports. We ask you about your goals – not just for your business, but your life goals too. After all, aren’t they what really count?

What makes you tick?

In this way, we get to properly understand what makes you and your business tick. We’re uncannily astute at identifying your business’s strengths and weaknesses. And, of course, we can point you towards the tools, systems and strategies that will address and resolve those weaknesses.

Once our relationship matures, you’ll find us approachable, proactive and responsive. Always available to advise and support.


Are you looking for an accountant who’s on the ball and responsive - one who will save you both money and time? Get in touch. You’ll be pleased you did.

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Our goal is to help our clients solve their business problems and make their ideas come true.

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