Credit Control

Credit Control

Making all the difference to cashflow

Business is great. The orders are coming in. The invoices are going out. But something isn’t right. There’s never any spare cash in the bank. To carry out your own business, you need to pay your own suppliers. To grow your business, you need to invest. But … there’s no money in the bank.

What’s gone wrong?

Poor credit control → poor cashflow

The answer, of course, is simple. You’re suffering from poor cashflow – and your poor cashflow is being caused by slack Credit Control. It’s an issue that businesses of all sizes often overlook.

We’re credit control experts, and we’ll make a big difference to the health of your business, simply by keeping your debtors paying on time.

Maintaining healthy client relationships

Automatic software can help by sending out regular reminders. But sometimes the personal touch is more effective. A string of automated emails can be annoying for the customer. Although you need your invoices to be paid, it’s usually equally important to retain a healthy client relationship.

Regular, proactive contact with your debtors means that debts don’t have a chance to become overdue. Where debtors don’t keep promises, we’re highly skilled at bringing the debts in quickly, by being firm, fair and, of course, always legal!

No more chasing

With our credit control service, you’ll enjoy an end to the headache, hassle and awkwardness of continually chasing late payers.

You should outsource you Credit Control to us because

  • you’ll see an almost instant enhancement in cash flow
  • your working capital will improve
  • we’ll put distance between you and your customers in this sometimes awkward area
  • we’ll keep things professional – protecting your valuable customer relationships
  • we don’t go in heavy-handed – we understand how valuable your customers are
  • we’ll handle debt recovery – when necessary, taking a more rigid approach

Is poor Credit Control holding your business back? We’ll help you to bring in your hard-earned cash – improving the health of your business, while still maintaining your client relationships. Get in touch. You’ll be pleased you did.

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