Target setting & KPIs

Setting KPIs and Targets

Measuring what matters

What are KPIs?

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a way of measuring what matters in your business. Different areas of your business will use KPIs for different purposes. Here’s an example

  • Production managers might focus on project completion dates, deadlines, quotas and costs.
  • Customer service managers would be interested in call times, ticket completions and service ratings.
  • Sales team managers are likely to focus on conversion rates, sales-per-staff-member and revenue per sale.

KPIs are core statistics that measure progress towards your business goals – whatever those goals might be.


What are the benefits of setting KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators give you many benefits ahead of other ways of measuring business performance.

  • They simplify complex data into easily understood metrics.
  • They help you to assess the current situation – and act on it.
  • They enhance employee focus. A KPI is a clear, obvious target that anyone can understand and aim for.
  • They can reduce conflict. It’s hard to argue with substantial numbers, compared with opinions or theories.
  • They enhance staff morale by clarifying job descriptions. Employees given specific KPIs are less likely to be confused about their roles.

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