5 Tips For Managing Your Start-Up Business’s Finances

Starting up a new business can be exciting. The idea of creating, marketing, and releasing a new product you created is a distant dream to many people. However financial management (the fun stuff right?) Is just as important! So read on for Gardner Webb Accounting’s top 5 tips for managing your business’s finances.

1 – Keep on top of your business finance bookkeeping from the beginning.

Being aware of your business’s finances from the beginning is the best way to keep in the know. Most start-up owners ignore this vital aspect of the business. They end up hiring an accountancy firm such as Gardner Webb Accounting to try and save the day. Although it is possible, the job becomes much harder and sometimes impossible when playing catch up. Investing early into Bookkeeping services to help with your accounting could be the vital step you need!

2 – Keep on top of payroll

Running payroll for your staff can be particularly stressful, especially with a weekly paid system. You need to make sure that all tax codes are applied correctly and all of your staff’s overtime is accounted for. You are also required to provide a workplace pension for your employees, so factor this into the equation. Payroll services from a trusted accountant can help with this task allowing you to focus more on the things that you enjoy about your business.

3 – Watch out for tax

Having to pay tax is hardly going to win a popularity contest for most people’s favorite business activity!  Avoiding the filing of your tax returns or not saving enough for tax is more common than you might realise. It is very important to know how much tax you need to pay and when for your business’ finances. This is where we can come in and save the day. Experts on financial law, regulations, and accounting are always on top of the latest in these areas, Gardner Webb Accounting can provide the best in tax services, whether you are set up as a limited company or a sole trader. You could go it alone, but why risk that?

4 – Budget correctly for better business finances

Setting a budget is vital for keeping on top of your business’s finances. It really is the starting point for financial management and accounting, as it allows your startup team to know how much budget you have to work with. It also allows you to plan properly for future expenditure or growth. You can plan for the future, improve decision making, identify problems before they occur, and monitor performance.

5 – Keep on top of cash flow forecasting

As a new business owner, you definitely want clear projections on how your business is likely to grow over time. A cash flow forecast allows you to know exactly what money will be coming in, and what money will be leaving your business over a set period of time; giving you peace of mind to help plan the future of your business. 

The journey from business inception to the moment it goes live and beyond is one of the greatest thrills in an entrepreneur’s life. Just don’t forget about those vital finances! Accounting services from a professional can provide so much peace of mind for you as a business owner! If accounting services are something you’re in need of, get in contact with a member of the Gardner Webb Accounting team today!

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